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Making interfaith marriage legal, a tough but necessary battle


By Ayunda Nurvitasari  I live in a country where the government tends to get in people’s business when it comes to private matters, like regulating whom they should or should not marry. The day my boyfriend and I decided to give our interfaith relationship a shot, I told him, “We’re...

First Draft

Teach Yourself Italian


For a writer, a foreign language is a new kind of adventure. By Jhumpa Lahiri   Exile My relationship with Italian takes place in exile, in a state of separation. Every language belongs to a specific place. It can migrate, it can spread. But usually it’s tied to a geographical...

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In Labor: Lack of Sex Education Impacting Female Labor Migrants


By  Ana P. Santos Dr. Christine Felding was surprised to see that it was mostly young Filipino women coming to her clinic for abortion services. Image by Ana P. Santos. Denmark, 2016. On the wall hung a framed cartoon of a perplexed obstetrician looking at the patient sitting up on the...

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