Finding Myself Part II: My Father and Being Gay


Having parents from two different religions is hard. The hardest part is that there are two different principles you need to live by. Interestingly enough, my parents had two major things in common: there would be no losing my virginity before marriage and there is no such thing as being gay...

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A gateway to culinary delights


This last week, I stumbled upon a unassuming new restaurant that had opened its doors only a couple of days earlier. Specialising in traditional Pakistani cuisine with their own signature reflecting in each dish, this outdoor restaurant claims to be serving popular delicacies from each of the gates of old...

First Draft

Khushwant Singh, the Grey Pastel


As a kid, I used to be alone at home a lot since both my parents went to work. I used to explore my home, scan the cupboards, and inspect everything closely. I was new to the world so everything seemed like a spectacle. Our little three-room railway quarter was...

Women & Wellness

Mobile Schools Are Catching Up to On-the-Go Girls in Kenya


Teachers are traveling alongside nomadic families, adapting class times and locations to help girls stay in school. Kenyan girls who grow up in traditionally nomadic, pastoral communities often roam the arid plains of the country with their families in search of grazing grounds for their goats, cows, and camels. But...

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