Dina Torkia's Modestly: There's no one way to be a Muslim woman


"This is the story of my life. It's about me as a Muslim Brit embracing dual identities, surviving the turbulent teens and transitioning from self-doubt to self-belief... You can't get a Muslim woman in a hijab with no opinion, am I right?!" The synopsis to influencer Dina Torkia's debut book sets...

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Diwali Decors at Cafe SOL


Cafe Sol, a sunny little coffee house and community space, did something to brighten up their space with lights and diyas for the Hindu friends on this Diwali. Faraz Talat said, "Sol commits itself to cultural resistance against the rising tides of extremism. The team takes pride in operating a...

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Men's 'modest wear' set for global boom - experts


As the international Muslim population expands, the global men’s ‘modest wear’ sector is set to boom, according to experts. While the world’s media has lavished attention on women’s modest wear and the arrival of mainstream brands into the market, the concept of contemporary modest clothing for men is still nascent....

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Iraqi Writer Wins Edinburgh International Book Festival’s First Book Award


(Shahad Al Rawi) Photo by Kareem El Deeb  The Iraqi writer Shahad Al Rawi has won the Book Festival’s 2018 First Book Award with her debut novel, The Baghdad Clock. The novel, which was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2018 and topped the bestseller lists in Iraq,...

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Two Muslim Women Are Headed to Congress. Will They Be Heard?


The first time a veil was worn on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, the wearer was not, as one would expect, a Muslim woman. Instead, it was a woman named Carolyn Maloney, a Democratic representative from New York. In October 2001, as the ruins of the Twin...

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