The Roots That Bind Them: Jewish People in Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan


The Jewish diaspora live in many corners of the world, but they enjoy only few numbers in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan,where Muslims are the majority. Sadly to say, these countries also have a long history of anti-Semitism which further drives the minority Jews away. Despite this, the...

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In Pictures: Thousands Celebrate Birthday of Sikhism Founder in Pakistan


Sikh pilgrims from every corner of the world paid homage on Baba Guru Nanak’s 549th birth anniversary celebrations at Pakistan’s Nankana Sahib district amid tight security arrangements by Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies. The programme started on 21th of November with the ‘Akhand Path’ (complete and continuous reading of Sikh scripture) at Guru...

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The Beauty Of Islamic Canvas Art


There are multiple types of arts, and each and every has its own purpose. Whether it is a humanism picture that should have a deep and moral meaning or it is a Pop-Art figure, all are beautiful and have their target audience. And among one of the most popular types...

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Iraqi Writer Wins Edinburgh International Book Festival’s First Book Award


(Shahad Al Rawi) Photo by Kareem El Deeb  The Iraqi writer Shahad Al Rawi has won the Book Festival’s 2018 First Book Award with her debut novel, The Baghdad Clock. The novel, which was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2018 and topped the bestseller lists in Iraq,...

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Meet the Women Championing South Africa's Black Muslim Pride


"I have other names but I prefer to be called by my birth name," Nelisiwe Msomi, a health journalist and activist, tells me. We're at her masjid in kwaThema, a township to the east of Johannesburg. "This mosque feels like home, it's in the community which raised me and has seen...

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