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Music Review: Choral Artists Get Adventurous In Spiritual Music Concert


The concert presented by Choral Artists of Sarasota at Church of the Redeemer Sunday afternoon provided additional proof, if that were required, that our town is becoming a notable center for expert and adventurous choral music. The capacity audience provided vociferous support as the chorus, directed by Artistic Director Joseph...

First Draft

‘We Are Animals’ Humanizes the Dehumanized in Kutupalong


Photography by Zan Azlee They say the biggest critics are your own family, and that could not ring truer in my marriage to my husband. I have known documentary filmmaker and journalist Zan Azlee for exactly three years and in all the time I have known him, I have never...

Women & Wellness

Not Muslim Enough


For most of my life, Islam felt like conditional love: I had no right to call myself a Muslim (nor would others call me one) because I hardly prayed, am not too concerned about halal food, constantly challenged longstanding interpretations of the religion and questioned the existence and validity of...

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