Islam on Lands of Ancient Maya: Closer Look at Muslim Community in Mexico


The history of Islam in Chiapas is linked, oddly enough, to the 1994 Zapatista uprising. Shortly after the rebellion, a group of Spanish preachers suggested converting the rebels to Islam to Subcomandante Marcos, the main ideologist of the group. However, the Zapatista leader refused to meet with the preachers from...

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The 52 Places Traveler: The Trickiness of Being a Woman in Tangier


This thriving Moroccan city — and its sense of lawlessness and anything-goes ethos — has inspired Western men for decades. Traveling while female, though, proved to be a challenge. Image Scenes from Tangier. Clockwise from top right: Peppers for sale in the medina; the Banyan Tree Resort in Tamouda Bay;...

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Review: ‘An Ordinary Muslim’ Gets Caught Between Cultures and Genres


It’s tough to write a coherent play about confusion. How do you dramatize a muddle without making a muddle? That’s the daunting task the first-time playwright Hammaad Chaudry has set for himself in “An Ordinary Muslim,” which opened on Monday at New York Theater Workshop. A timely look at the traumas of...

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Endometriosis - When Your Periods Are More Than You Can Bear


Most of us women have had painful and uncomfortable periods in our lives. However, for some women, menses can be hell and can make one miss out on important things like a school day or a workday. So, what is this painful disorder? It is called ‘Endometriosis’ (en-doe-me-tree-O-sis). The Mayo...

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