A Muslim Among Israeli Settlers


I. The Old City Should I lie to an Israeli soldier in order to be allowed to pray? This was a theological dilemma I never studied in Sunday school, one I never thought I would have to confront. Anxious and on edge, the soldier was standing in front of me, rifle...

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First Draft

Review: ‘An Ordinary Muslim’ Gets Caught Between Cultures and Genres


It’s tough to write a coherent play about confusion. How do you dramatize a muddle without making a muddle? That’s the daunting task the first-time playwright Hammaad Chaudry has set for himself in “An Ordinary Muslim,” which opened on Monday at New York Theater Workshop. A timely look at the traumas of...

Women & Wellness

Reclaiming the Women of Arabic Popular Epics


As Women in Translation Month rolls on, Amanda Hannoosh Steinberg looks at the women who seem to have disappeared in scholarship about the Arabic popular epics: By Amanda Hannoosh Steinberg A recent Twitter thread by medievalist Erik Wade, in which he describes fighting against bias and erasure in medieval sources, made me...

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