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Caught Up In The Bravery of ‘Crossroads: One Two Jaga’


Since I ventured into independent film-making in 2012, I have been wailing about the state of mainstream films in Malaysia: the films tend to be generic and made of fluff, catered to a very specific audience that are fed tired tropes which package  misogyny and domestic violence and sold as...

First Draft

Muslim Charity Groups Send 33 Tonnes of Hay to Struggling Farmers


A group of Muslim charities have joined forces to support drought-affected Australian farmers. The Brisbane-based charity Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF), together with Muslim Aid Australia and the Islamic Council of Queensland, raised enough funds to deliver 33 tonnes of hay – 132 bales – to Goondiwindi on the NSW-Queensland border,...

Women & Wellness

Meet Second Muslim Female Pilot: Kaneez Fatima


Kaneez Fatima has become Kashmir’s second female pilot, with the 24-year-old Muslim lady now hired in Air India after completing her training. “Our family has struggled a lot to make this happen. With the active support of Fatima’s grandparents – Haji Fatima Banu and late Ghulam Rasool, their nurse mother worked...

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