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A Sunny Day In Seattle by Maryum Saifee


    In advance of February 6th, International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, "A Sunny Day in Seattle", part of Voices to End FGM/C project is the first of 27 videos to be released over the next coming months. Maryum underwent Female Genital Mutilation at age seven....

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Middle East cinema: These are the region's top films of 2019


At the movies, Saudi Arabia and Sudan announced their presence - and North Africa produced the best features Are we living in a golden age of Middle Eastern cinema? That might be an over-statement, given the erratic output of most MENA cinema, the lack of regional funds and increasing censorship....

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The March genocide of 1918 in Baku


Note: This publication is a part of series of articles submitted by the members of Azerbaijan School of Diplomacy and students of Western Caspian University. The views expressed in these articles are the author's and do not reflect the views of this publication. Abstract - This article deals with the...

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Siti Kusujiarti - “Ketika Aku Kehilangan Diriku (The Day I Lost My Voice)”


Themes of silencing and betrayal anchor this story, in which Siti describes the ceremony surrounding her experience of FGM/C. Siti and her sister were dressed up, told to behave, washed with cold water, and cautioned to be quiet, before being cut. They sat quietly while guests at their family home...

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