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Women of Substance


Zahid Mukhtar, Pakistan based photographer shows the powerful rural women working in the fields. #Genderequality #BalanceforBetter #IWD2019

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Napa festival kicks off with Hashr’s Mureed-i-Shak


The play is an Urdu adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale One of the recurring themes in William Shakespeare’s plays is that of jealousy caused by unfounded misgivings or doubts. Othello is a cogent example. In The Winter’s Tale, the situation is a bit different and the treatment of the subject...

First Draft

Overlooked No More: Forough Farrokhzad, Iranian Poet Who Broke Barriers of Sex and Society


An author unafraid to defy midcentury attitudes about her gender. “What is important is humanity,” she said, “not being a man or a woman.” Forough Farrokhzad near Tehran circa 1966. She was one of Iran’s pre-eminent mid-20th-century writers, both reviled and revered for her poems.CreditCreditEbrahim Golestan Since 1851, obituaries in...

Women & Wellness

Aurat (Woman) March Pakistan - Hum Aurtien (We Women)


    Pakistan has long been perceived as a country that provides shelter to terrorist organizations and is home to violence and turmoil. Pakistani women, being third-world inhabitants, have always been synonymous to victims of cultural oppression and patriarchal tyranny. But, now is the time for the power of women...

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