6 things your Lebanese mom will ask when you date a new guy

"Eben meen?"

Going out on a date doesn't go down too well with parents, especially mothers, as their protective instincts kick in almost immediately. 

There will be questions, lots of them, especially so if you're the daughter.

Here are some questions Lebanese mothers will most probably ask when they know you're in the dating zone. 

1. Chou Esmo?

“What's his name?” 

Both of you understand she won't know the guy, but since the interrogation has begun, the most basic questions are fired first. 

2. Eben Meen?

This could go two ways, either “What is his family name?” to try relating him to an area, village, ancestors, religion, political party, etc... 

Or "Whose son is he?" meaning she wants to know if he's from a well-off family.

3. Wen Sekin?

“Where does he live?”

Again with the camouflaged questions. Once your mother lays this one down, she means to investigate his cultural background and living entourage.

4. Farjineh sourto

“Show me a picture of him.”

The Instagram hunt is on. *Scroll* *scroll* *scroll* 

5. Kif t3arafto?

“How did you two meet?”

'Drunk at a party' is never the correct answer. However you two may have met, give her the prudish version of the story. 

6. Lawen rayhin?

“Where are you going out to?”

Lynn Hariri


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