Shanu Poem

A Cherished MeetingWhen I met you for the first time 
Long long back...
When I was just at the brim of everything 
And my cheeks were red 
, hair was lush 
Eyes were gleaming 
and heart was full..
When my dreams were high and the world was fresh...
When I was more of an innocent village girl..
When I could never imagine the world as such an awful place..

Yes, long back then
When my idea of life was never a drama by itself..

I met you then..
But then...
Then you were a full grown human
Looking the world from your heights and lengths
Then you were into the drama of life itself 
You were into the flow of it..
By then you had fallen in love 
with the most beautiful of girls..!!

For my red cheeks never caught your attention, neither the lushness of my hair nor those gleaming eyes..!

It took all those years..
In which both of us has gone through it all..
The very life happened to us both 
Life-less or not..
My cheeks are pale 
Heart no more full like before..
Hair catching grey like the beard you often grow..

Our priorities have changed well too
But still for some reasons 
Know or unknown..
We keep in touch 
With so much of intimacy and tenderness 
Sometimes as though freshly met 
And some other times, like we know since ages...!!

That meeting was destined to be...
For a lifetime or more..!!!


The author is a member and a regular contributor on Bookay, a Facebook group that brings readers around the world together.

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