A new horizon unfolds for Malaysia

 The 14th general election was a tough battle for Malaysians. That in itself is an understatement, considering how the country ran into debts so huge in such a short time and felt hammering threats of attacks from the former prime minister.

Malaysians endured. They are the champions now.

This despite the threats of strangling laws against media freedom; the tempting inducements of contracts, salary, bonuses, lucky draws and even groceries; the heaps of promises from tax cuts to tolled highway rebates and many more.

But not of clean, fair and just governance.

Despite the yoke of a mismanaged economy – Malaysians marched steadfast to the polls with one single psalm on their lips: Enough is enough.

And so, the BN coalition helmed by Najib Abdul Razak was vanquished, thus ending the six decades of giving them the benefit of doubt.

With the opposition pack under the tested, proven and maverick career politician, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the people found their lifebouy for seeing a new horizon in their political journey.

As morning breaks, millions of Malaysians who were exhausted by the teasing suspense and piles of ridicule from the Najib administration these past ten years will now rise to a whole new journey of hope.

The incoming government must at all account redress, remedy and set the country back on its constitutional pathway.

The independence of the three cornerstones of democracy – the judiciary, legislature and the executive – need to be baptised with the oil of purity.

The fight against corruption must be dealt with decisiveness, starting from the top all the way down to the ordinary citizen.

Ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency cannot anymore remain as icing on a government for these must now be the very ingredients of the New Malaysia for all Malaysians.

There is much to do. But let us celebrate with songs of gratitude through our respective faiths; let us lock our hands as one people of a one nation who are no more coloured and blinded by religion, race and social class.

Let us thank the many leaders who gave Malaysians the voice and the light along this past periods of severe risks and losses, pain and uncertainties.

And of course a big thank you to Mahathir, the leader of New Malaysia, as well as his comrades Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Lim Kit Siang and Mohamad Sabu.

Praises too for all the great leaders of NGOs and civil societies who gave us Malaysians the strength to prevail.

JD Lovrenciear


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