About Us

We live in a dogmatic age where minds are closed, or closing, to the thoughts, feelings and experiences of others, different from us. Muslim World Today (MWT) aspires to be a platform to share the diverse human voices of men and women of all backgrounds living in Muslim-majority countries, and emigres from those countries now living in the West.

This includes the voices of non-Muslim communities that are an integral part and history of Muslim-majority countries around the world.

Our hope is that through greater exposure to each community, our content (articles, podcasts, webcasts, etc.) will put the Muslim world on display in all its variety. What’s more, by understanding Muslims and non-Muslims – first and foremost – as individuals, we seek to undermine harmful stereotypes depicting any group as one monolithic “other.” Only then can we build empathy for each other, and over time, build greater tolerance and greater stability everywhere.

Our principles are simple:

1.       Advocating universal individual human rights without exceptions

2.       Advocating literacy and education as the cornerstones to personal development and true humanity.

3.       Empowering and supporting individuals working selflessly to better their communities for peace.