Asiyah Women's Shelter

Please help us keep Asiyah Women’s Center running. Your donations will rebuild lives.

The Asiyah Women’s Center is the first Muslim women’s emergency shelter in New York City. Our mission is to provide temporary housing for victims of domestic violence and women facing eviction, and/or homelessness.  By connecting under resourced women in our community to job opportunities, a range of mental health and medical services, permanent housing facilities, health insurance and legal assistance, we hope to empower women to get back on their feet and overcome their deeply traumatic personal circumstances.

The Prophet Muhammad 
ﷺ said “Your Heaven lies under the feet of your Mother” (Ahmad, Nasai).


What we do

Our center can house up to twenty women and children and is run by a trained female staff and a group of dedicated volunteers. The center ensures that all guests are cared for and are on a path to rebuild their lives. This will be done through:

  • Access to a safe, secure and comfortable living space

  • Counseling and therapy services

  • Check ups provided by physicians and licensed mental health professionals

  • Employment assistance

  • Fully stocked pantry of food and toiletries

Our comprehensive security plan includes surveillance cameras, staff members on site at all hours, and a close relationship with the 72nd street police precinct. We ensure the complete safety of our residents.


Why we do it

New York City has nearly 800,000 Muslims yet currently there are no emergency housing centers for Muslim women.  We receive many cases of Muslim revert women who are rejected by their families and cast out to fend for themselves. Having nowhere to go, they sleep in mosques, on the streets, or in shelters that don’t accommodate for their religious beliefs. We also get cases of women who are in abusive marriages or abandoned by their husbands and women from overseas who do not speak English, have no job skills and are forced to assume the role of a household provider.





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