Ask a Lawyer - Can I rejoin the TPS program?

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Question: Can I rejoin the TPS program?

Answer: Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a US immigration program that temporarily allows individuals from certain countries to live in the US for a specific period of time. TPS is a type of visa that the Attorney General grants. The usual reasons for putting a country under TPS protection is when that country has experienced a serious natural disaster, like Nepal or Haiti, or is experiencing ongoing conflict, like the civil war in Syria.

The current administration has stated that all TPS grant will be allowed to expire in 2019. The specific month will depend on the country you are from.

It is possible that TPS will be extended as part of the current negotiations over the border wall. All individuals who are currently in the US under a grant of TPS should keep in touch with an immigration lawyer to ensure that they are able to renew their TPS status if renewals are permitted. And, otherwise, discuss what their other options are of staying in the country once their TPS status expires.


Supna Zaidi, Esq

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