Bahrain: Minarets and Palm Trees

Minarets and palm trees

possess my pictured gaze,

of heights within a vision,

in heat and sun and haze.


Exotic in appearance

and elegant they stand

in noble perseverance,

amongst the warming sand.


As each reflects their setting,

elusively and tall,

the harshness of the landscape

increase their statures call.


And as they summit skyward

in search of heavens hall,

this Garden born of Eden

holds zeniths that enthrall.



David Hollywood

David Hollywood co-Directed The Bahrain Writer’s Circle and founded ‘The Colours of Life’ poetry festival in Bahrain, The Gulf, and latterly worked in Antigua, The West Indies upon a variety of poetry in performance events as well as more recently in Ireland and Switzerland where he is engaged in establishing a new theatre of poetry, and in addition has been an occasional literary for 'The Taj Mahal Review.'He is the author of an eclectic collection of poems titled ‘Waiting Spaces’ plus co-author of ‘My Beautiful Bahrain’, ‘Poetic Bahrain’, ‘More of My Beautiful Bahrain’ and a variety of other titles. His new collection 'Intuitions Instincts' is due for publication this year. He was the in-house poet for ‘Bahrain Confidential Magazine’ and is one of the most widely-read poets in The Middle East.

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