Balance with Grace!

A woman is a beautiful example of balancing with grace. For me, the perfect example of this balance is my mother Rubina and my grandmother Roshan who has taught me from their practices and has empowered me to give back to the community through my work but has also taught me the tools of self-care to balance off.

Everything in this universe is about balancing!! when there is extra access to any one thing or lacking something it creates a disbalance. Same is human life where the balance between receiving and giving is needed. And as soon as you start creating a balance between your personal and social life you deliver better, you produce more effective results, you spread magic around with your presence.  

We through our work at Parindey are trying to teach healthy balancing practices in the community by using creative therapies as our tool; which results in stress reduction in the communities. Sonal Dhanani

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