Balancing the Wheel

"I was driving the car when we entered motorway through Gojra Interchange. My husband was sitting next to me and daughter was sleeping in the car seat. As soon as we cleared the toll plaza of all the cars I was stopped by a motorway police officer who demanded to see my license. He seemed genuinely surprised when I handed it over.
He then checked the expiry date, my age and then he gave look bitter stare to my husband who was relaxing on the front seat for good measure before bidding me a safe journey.

I got to wonder why I was the only one stopped and no other car was. Do I look underaged or it was hard to digest that a husband and wife can take turns on the wheel to balance the burden." Saadia Farooq
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Saadia Farooq

The author works as Director Social Media Outreach and Research at Muslim World Today.

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