Girls’ Education: The Unstoppable Revolution

By Central Asia Institute

The Unstoppable Revolution Starts With Girls’ Education

There is a quiet revolution taking place in in the mountains, along the streams, in the cities, and the small villages throughout Central Asia. This revolution has nothing to do with warlords or violent clashes. It has everything to do with books, pencils, and empowering women. This movement is an unstoppable revolution for girls’ education. All through the region, girls and women are determined to go to school. Education gives them a future; it’s the key to becoming unstoppable.

This past spring, our communications director, Hannah White, witnessed first-hand the moments these women and girls realized that, with education, nothing can stop them. She brought back stories and photos to share the Unstoppable Revolution with our supporters and friends. You are making this women’s education revolution unstoppable.

You can read these stories in a photo essay featured in the latest Journey of Hope magazine, but here are a few bonus images and stories from the many women and girls who have picked up chalkboards and books to declare themselves unstoppable.

Girls' Education

Gulobshoeva Zarnigor: Kindergarten Teacher in Tajikistan

Gulobshoeva Zarnigor, is a teacher at a CAI-supported kindergarten in Tajikistan. CAI teacher trainings help make her unstoppable, “The training helped a lot. Now teachers talk less, kids are happier, and they learn more.” Before CAI teacher-training courses, Gulobshoeva and her fellow teachers had outdated lessons from the former Soviet Union. Now they use stories to keep the kids interested and create interactive lessons.

Unstoppable Education Revolution

Salima: Quick Learning Center in Kabul

Salima wants to be a doctor to help victims of landmines. She attends the third-grade level class at one of CAI’s Quick Learning Centers (QLC) in Kabul. QLCs are programs designed to help older students who have never attended school catch up to their peers before they enter a classroom. The class has 30 students, all of whom are girls. They are broken up into five or six groups, each with a student team leader. Salima is one of the group leaders, and she’s determined to remain unstoppable until she reaches her goal.

Womens education

Anisa: Quick Learning Center in Kabul

Anisa is also attending the QLC and wants to be a policewoman who protects people when she grows up. Anisa accidentally dropped a brick on her foot the morning before this photos was taken, but it didn’t keep her from being unstoppable, “I hurt my toe. It is hard to walk, but I wanted to come to class.”

Empowering Women and Girls Through Education

All over Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, girls and women are empowered to be part of this unstoppable revolution for girls’ education. Some of them go to school despite disapproval from their families or long treks to the nearest classroom. They want to read and write, they want to have careers, and they want to help other women find what makes them unstoppable too.

For more stories of the Unstoppable Girls, check out the latest Journey of Hope magazine. You’ll find even more stories of people working on the front lines of freedom and education. After 20 years educating women and girls, we have more hope than ever that girls’ education is an unstoppable force.

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