I Fly, Too

A short film about a young Muslim African woman who creates her own freedom when she rides on her first skateboard.


I FLY, TOO take place in Brooklyn in the early 2000s. Marci, an African hijab-wearing Muslim teenager, waits to hear back from colleges. As the year winds down and the weather gets nicer, she finds herself spending more and more time at a park and less at her family’s chaotic home. She welcomes the distraction of watching older boys from school skateboarding. As the days pass, the boys start to anticipate her presence. Eventually she meets one and begins a friendship, and possibly more, founded by a shared love of skateboarding. The boys start to teach Marci how to skateboard. Meanwhile, at home, the fights between Marci’s parents are getting louder and more violent. As Marci grows into herself, it is proving increasingly difficult for her to stay silent as she watches the bruises add up on her mother’s body.   As Marci prepares for her future, tensions rise and her household soon becomes unbearable.  It is up to Marci to finally take a stand and she'll do so with the help of her skateboard.


Upon completion of this project we aim to submit it to festivals, as well as, host our own premiere of it!  Stay tuned...


This project is about honest representation for the marginalized 

It is for young women at the beginnings of their journey for self-discovery

 It is for black and brown women

 It is for muslim girls

 It is for muslim pride

 It is for immigrants

 It is for first-generation families 

It is for the women whose stories get glossed over

 It is for the women whose stories they do not get to tell themselves 

It is for the voiceless

 It is for survivors


Aissa Rose Gueye


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