Kenyan Biriani For Eid



1 kg..... Mutton/Chicken

1/2 kg..... Potatoes

1 kg..... Basmati Rice

100..... ml Yoghur

15..... grms salt

2..... Large Onion

2..... Medium fresh Tomatoes (blended)

20 grms..... Garlic (crushed)

15 grms..... Ginger (crushed)

10 grms..... Garam masala

12 grms..... Curry Powder

10 grms..... Cinnamon (ground)

10 grms..... Cardamoms (ground)

10 grms..... Cumin Seeds (ground)

100 grms..... Tomato Paste

15 grms..... Aromat

10 grms.....  Tumeric

8 grms.....  Cloves (ground)

8 grms.....  Black Pepper (ground)

10 grms..... Whole Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, Cardamom

150 ml..... Cooking Oil

20 ml..... Vanilla essence Yellow food colour two pinch


Wash you rice till clean then soak it in clean water for 20 to 30 minutes before draining the water and leave it to dry....In a sauce pan put the meat and potatoes with 600 ml water and bring to boil until fairly tender remove from heat and put aside separately. Take one large Onion, slice it and fry it with half the amount of oil till its light brown then add the rest of the spices plus yoghurt and fry it a little. Add the cooked meat to the mix of the sautéed onions to make the meat marry with the spices and cook uncovered for a few minutes to evaporate excess water....Deep fry the pre cooked potatoes then add in the Briyani plus the whole clove, cardamoms and cinnamon sticks just a few minutes before the actual cooking is over...In a different cooking pan, add 1.5 lts of water with the remaining oil and a bit of salt and bring to boil. Add in the rice and let it simmer in high heat untill all the water is almost evaporated. Sprinkle on it a solution of yellow food colour. Cover the rice and simmer it over low heat until its well cooked.Remember to keep the cooking pot tightly closed coz you're trying to steam cook the rice. When the rice is done, the biryani is ready.

Ulfat Masibo


Ulfat is a winner of Muslim World Today's Eid Photography contest in the category 'Culinary Traditions of Eid'


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