Lebanon's Capharnaüm: A Candidate For Best Foreign Film At The Oscars

All it took her was a story, a vision, and a lens to transmit the darker reality of Beirut; a reality that hides behind the crowded shopping streets, historical settings, and vociferous nightlife of the capital.

The award-winning Lebanese director Nadine Labaki's newest movie “Capharnaüm” sheds light on the harsh actuality of the country’s marginalized groups. The new movie, which has officially debuted in Lebanese movie theaters a few days ago, has been chosen to represent Lebanon in the Oscars under the “Best Foreign Language Film” category.

The entry news was shared with Lebanese audiences, movie fans, and the world through the official social media account of “Capharnaüm” and that of Labaki.

“We are incredibly honored to represent Lebanon in this year’s Best Foreign Language Oscar race,” posted Labaki on her Instagram page. “We’re very grateful for everyone who supported the film and its message.”

Sally Farhat


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