Supna Zaidi Peery
Supna Zaidi Peery is an attorney and a Strategic Policy Analyst at the Counter Extremism Project, a not-for-profit, non-partisan, international policy organization that combats the growing threat from extremist ideology. Ms. Peery’s areas of expertise include the roots of extremism, foreign policy, human rights, immigration, and development issues.  Ms. Peery has represented victims of FGM at asylum interviews and detainees in deportation hearings. She also previously provided policy and intelligence analysis for the banking sector in New York City. Ms. Peery has written extensively on foreign policy, human rights, and religion for more than a decade.
Saadia Farooq
Saadia is passionate storyteller and determined community server.She has organized workshops with the Pak-US Alumni Network Multan Chapter on Citizen Journalism and Storytelling. Saadia also led the Digital Storytelling Project with IREX. During her Global Undergraduate Student exchange program sponsored by the US State Department, Saadia became a member of National Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and Vice President of Presidents Hall (Residence Life) in University of Toledo. Due to her accomplishments, Saadia was invited by the Vice Chancellor of Bahauddin Zakariya University to charter the first Rotaract Club of Bahauddin Zakariya University. Saadia is also the ambassador to the World's Greatest Meal to End Polio. Saadia has fundraised for both the Rotaract Club and the campaign to end polio in Pakistan.
Ali Sajid Imami
Dr Ali Sajid Imami's social activism blends his professional and personal interests, ranging from his practice in medicine to his skills in programming and systems administration.The latter led to a three-year stint in Silicon Valley. Currently, Ali is doing studying Psychiatry as he helps grow MWT into a platform where he can bring much needed attention to social and health issues affecting the communities around us. Ali is also a hardcore gamer and film critic  
Aly Naashid
Aly Naashid is a counter terrorism and security consultant from Maldives. After a decade in government, combatting against terrorism at different levels, he is now an independent consultant on terrorism and security. His vision is to contribute to a peaceful and secure Maldives
Okan Altiparmak
A Northwestern University '84 alumnus in the field of economics, Okan Altiparmak is an advisor on U.S.-Turkish relations and an independent filmmaker based in Istanbul, Turkey. Having penned several articles about Turkey in recent years, Altiparmak has also produced and directed a full-feature documentary on Turkish soccer fans that was released nationwide in Turkish theaters in 2005 following years of experience working with motion picture producers in Hollywood alongside an acting career in the local LA theater scene.
Rizwan Safdar
Rizwan has eight years of experience in the media and nonprofit sector. He has earned his doctorate in Sociology from the Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan. For last four and half years, he has been working with Sujag, a web venture aimed at sensitizing people about their local issues and youth to become involved in democratic and political processes. He has played a leading role in establishing and training a network of over 400 young journalists across Punjab province of Pakistan. These journalists regularly highlight local development, political, governance and human rights’ issues via websites and social media. Moreover, Rizwan writes for Pakistan's leading media house, Dawn Media Group. Over the last two years, he has won several journalism awards for his stories on women rights, democracy, governance and health. He loves meeting people and giving them a voice through his words and videos. He has keen interest in covering stories about democracy, health, agriculture, women's rights, children rights and education. Rizwan's eye for detail makes him a great photo-journaliast.
Mohani Niza
Mohani Niza is an editor, writer and activist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She graduated with a degree in journalism. In 2010, she interned at a news company where she was subsequently hired. She has covered everything from lifestyle stories, to business, to floods and to public transportation issues – among other topics.  She also has 10 years of advocacy experience in the Malaysian women’s rights field, working with key activists and civil society organisations. Her main areas of focus include increasing the number of women in politics and in other high-level decision-making levels, as well as eradicating violence against women (VAW), especially sexual harassment. In 2015, she was selected to participate in the YSEALI Women’s Leadership Workshop program by the U.S. government. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, reading and traveling solo.
Iffra Khalid
Iffra Khalid is a design activist who works in the community development sector since the beginning of her career. She believes that design has a power to change the world and can be used as a strong medium to address the social issues on greater level. She wants to pursue her work to create awareness about responsible design. She has an eye of detail when it comes to design and has vast experience of working in the International market and National Market for more than 6 years. She has Work with ADRA international for clean water and health awareness, Umeed jawan for Conflict Resolution, and Digital Rights Foundation for awareness regarding digital rights in Pakistan. She is currently working with JICA (AQAL-Project) for Non-Formal educational reforms on government level. Her interest includes street photography, performing arts and theater. She has been awarded various awards for her acting skills and photography.