Middle East Encounter

A journey to Love, Serve, and Listen to our Syrian neighbors in refugee camps in Lebanon while learning about and supporting Lebanon who has welcomed so many. 

The frequent, unimaginable violence raging in Syria has left many of our neighbors scattered throughout the Middle East seeking safety as refugees.  In neighboring Lebanon, over 1.5 million Syrian Refugees have found a place offering them that much needed safety. 

As you can imagine, with this forced, mass exodus, many groups have risen to the challenge of trying to meet immediate and long term needs of their new Syrian neighbors.  Their work is difficult but their passion and drive to Love others is…winning.  This encounter provides the opportunity to spend one week+ volunteering alongside one of these remarkable organizations in a Syrian Refugee camp. While volunterring, you will get a first-hand glimpse into what life is like for many of our Syrian neighbors. 

get a first-hand glimpse into what life is like for many of our Syrian neighbors. 

Our primary responsibilites include volunteeering along side teachers and staff who are also Syrian refugees and passionatley remaking the future of Syria one student at a time.  As you will discover, these men and woman are heroes, determined not to lose an entire generation to war.  

To be a volunteer, you do not need to be a teacher or speak arabic.  Regardless of your skill set, you will have a significant impact on the work at the schools and on this team, which we will discuss more following reciept of your applicaiton. 

In addition, we will be there to learn about Lebanon and support their economy, considering the significant number of Syrian refugees they have welcomed into their country.  This includes spending 1 or 2 days in Beirut, experincing the city life and at least 1 'tourist day' depending on the encounter dates you participate in.  The summer program will likely have 2 opportunities to visit tourist sites.  

Rich & Sheri Faye Rosendahl


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