Muslims in Tech: Life of a Software Engineer

Join MALA for the next installment of our "Muslims in Tech" discussion series! This evening, our panel of experts will focus on the life of a software engineer.

Software engineering is first and foremost about solving problems, and secondarily about writing code or understanding technologies. Becoming good at solving problems requires a lot of practice and experience.

A software engineer is a problem solver first, and a coder second. Computer languages, frameworks, and algorithms are tools that you can learn by studying. Solving problems, however, is complicated and hard to learn other than through long practice and applied mentorship.

The evening will feature software engineers from different backgrounds discussing their problem-solving strategies, their work environments, their teams, and the different types of software they develop. Our panelists will share details about their work life, what it takes to become a successful software engineer, and any other questions attendees may have about life as a software engineers.


AMAL AMASKANE is an educator & creative entrepreneur, founder of Match Langua, a Chicago-based event company which curates cultural experiences for people to travel globally, locally. Passionate about all things tech, she is also an Instructor with Future Founders. In this role, she empowers local youth by teaching entrepreneurship with a tech perspective.

She also approached the tech world from an academic perspective as she completed her Master's degree in International Studies with a dissertation focusing on the Transnationalism of High-Tech in US-Middle-Eastern relations from the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, France. She graduated from the University Paris Sorbonne with a Bachelor of Arts, with an exchange year in the United Kingdom at the University of Warwick.



SANAH KHAN, who has been leading teams and developing functional process using Lean and Agile methodologies for more than a decade. She is an entrepreneur/ founding partner in a growing software firm with nationwide clientele. She is a Kellogg-certified non-profit executive and founder of DEV IT FORWARD, a non-profit that provides software development to charities nationwide, as well as founder of Forward Humanity, a community outreach organization with more than 200 volunteers impacting Chicagoland each week. She also sits and actively participates on the board of the Downtown Islamic Center (DIC) where she is Chair of the Operations and Education committees. She is also Program Director for Muslim umbrella organization, CIOGC. Sanah is known to be a conscious-driven technology-trained team-player, team-builder, leader and agent-for-betterment who facilitates 'what's possible' in the context of evolving organizational needs and strategies.




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