A Poem: 'My Eyes For You'

By Mahnoor Naseer and Husna Thaslim


I wish you could see,
The hues that circle the sun when it shines,
A glowing halo surrounding the face of pretty bride,
I wish, darling, you could see the shades — 
The colours that bring me delight.

"Dear, with your eyes, you see,
But not me, for I have no light, blind as I am.
Go on then, sing me a song,
Tell me what brings your bright to my dark,
Paint your rainbow over my night."

You ask me what colours mean, 
Shades of blue, orange and green.
You sigh and moan, trying to trust
The hues of something beyond your grasp.
Darling, let me show you now, 
What a colour feels like and how;

That sense of pride when little you achieve, 
Feels like you conquered the 
Rest of the world —
Royalty, honour, pride and praise, 
Violet is the colour of grace.

Desire — if it but had a name,
Surging through your veins, sans shame;
Making you both evil and Saint,
The feelings them unnamed,
Red, then is the colour of desires.

Everything lost, and when the deeper they drown,
They tell you that it feels so blue,
But trust me when I tell you-
To hold on, a stronger rope;
That Blue is but a colour of hope.

Solace when it grasps your mind,
You transcend from fantasy to reality,
Unraveling wisdom and spiritual sense —
A distant prayer calming a storm of beasts,
Indigo is the colour of internal peace.

The colour of day, when dreams come alive, 
The smell of sunshine, orchids and pine, 
The feel of rejoice, warmth and comfort-
The colour of happiness, joy and smiles, 
Yellow is but a colour so divine.

Everything joyous, compassionate, yet abstract, 
Warm hugs out of sheer passion, 
The echo of honest feelings and a voice that makes you smile— 
A voice resonating with the memories you hold close,
This, darling, is the colour of Orange.

Remember the downpour last December?
Birds chirping, and the scent of quenched mud?
Or the song of togetherness the grasshoppers sang in zest,
Remember the feel of my hand in yours,
The touch of nature, that, darling, is Green.

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