Non-Muslim teacher fasting for the whole of Ramadan to support GSCE students

Non-Muslim teacher fasting for the whole of Ramadan to support GSCE students


A non-Muslim teacher is fasting for the entire month of Ramadan to show support to her Muslim students who are taking their GCSE’s.

Catherine Coulthard, business teacher at Pleckgate High School, took the decision to participate in Ramadan after seeing her students fast whilst attending school and preparing for their exams.

Catherine, who has been teaching at the Blackburn School for over two years said her students and their families have been incredibly appreciative of her efforts.

She told us, “My students respect that I am fasting to support them this month even though it is not my religion.

“Lots of students across Year 11 are fasting whilst they are focused on their exams which are over 90 minutes long, some as long as two and a half hours.

“It's nice to see students from each year group giving it a go, some for the first time.

“I had a lovely couple come to me at the end of parents evening and offer to bring food back to school for me that night.

“I was shocked at their generosity and they seemed thrilled that I was giving this a go. “This is what they do every year, so I don't think of it being a big deal me having a go for the first time.

“I think working in Pleckgate makes you want to come together to be one big family. “I'd like to think that parents know that the children are supported in every aspect of life not just academic life.”

This is the first time Catherine has fasted and she said going without food and water for the 19 hour fast has made her grateful for those things she would ordinarily have taken for granted.

She said, “I knew going without food wouldn't be a problem, but I hadn't realised just how much I miss having a drink. It makes you really appreciate that all we have to do is turn the tap on or go to the fridge and grab a drink.

“It must be awful living in much warmer climates than ours and having to go for days without clean, cold drinks.”

Catherine said the environment at the school has facilitated her fasting days. “Colleagues are always supportive at Pleckgate, it’s that kind of workplace.

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