On Behalf of Asifa

When I lay ravished 
Under frigid skies
Overcast with knobbly vultures
Wielding  mikes and cameras 
Swooping-ready scavengers
Maa, don't let them rip 
The lasts of my tattered shirt.
When my coffined bed is brought 
Your arms wrap and rub 
snuggle and wriggle 
Around its frosty legs 
Sending warmth of love 
All in vain!
Maa, don't give away my baby-talk tales
Every morning show and podcast
To become the hot topic on sale.
When I am no longer in sight 
Yet visit you day in, day out 
Flickering  in your eyes like 
Maimed image on glitched device
Wringing your shrunken heart 
Fast and tight, 
Don't let them undo the back 
Of my mangled mind, Maa!
When no one but you cherish my 
Ragdoll, school badge with broken rims
khaki satchel stuffed with unread 
Cinderella and Rapunzel 
A blunt pencil tip
wailing to be sharpened
Sharpener  to be emptied 
Eraser to be cleaned 
Stark white pages 
Screaming to be scribbled 
Maa, don't allow them to 
Change their DPs to my keepsakes!
Maa, don't let  my living nightmare be 
A rapidly-trending hashtag 
When morning stumbles writhing 
On my tampered bed 
And evening lingers wailing 
Horror of what can't be said
Don't let our joint mourning 
Be on air Maa,
Just....stay put Maa!
I was doomed to live
Let my death not be damned 
At least, for once
Let me rest in eternal peace , Maa!



Seher Hashmi

Seher Hashmi is a mummified poet, a classified satirist and a bonafide healthoholic. She lives by the lull of songs, lyrics, poems, ballads and spoken words poetry and often records her rhythmic repertoire via her blog space. Her poems and imagery are inspired by the works of three iconic women: Maya Angelou, Arundhati Roy, and Brenda Shaughnessy. She is an active member of Bahrain Writers Circle; currently, she is working on her first chapbook of poems with a passion known only to her. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Muslim World Today.

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