Pakistani Female Student Makes Edible Plastic from Mango Seed

Pakistani student has successfully manufactured edible plastic. The newly developed plastic is neither conventional nor a bioplastic and can be eaten just like any food.

A female student currently doing her Ph.D. from Karachi University, Food Science and Technology Department, has done a marvelous job of creating this biodegradable plastic. Although it’s not the first time someone has created an edible plastic, researchers have produced such kind of plastic from sources like algae or milk and citrus fruit. No one has ever thought of creating it from mango pit or seed.

Mango seed is used in diet supplements in the form of liquid extract or powder and also used as an additive in drinks and smoothies but to use it to make edible plastic is a new thing for the whole world.

As this edible plastic uses Mango seed, it can easily be eaten and digested without any harmful effects whatsoever. The interesting thing is if someone is not in a mood to eat this plastic film, just put it in water. It’s dissolvable.

We all know that plastic never decomposes and poses a danger to humans and other animals. Even marine life is not protected against plastic, and when burnt it produces extremely harmful gases. With the help of this new research, the world can quickly solve this problem.

Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of Mangoes in the world. There is no shortage of raw material for this edible plastic in Pakistan.

Despite having limited sources, Pakistani student has proven that there is no shortage of talent in the country. 

Umair Imtiaz


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