Parindey - Supporting the mental and emotional well-being of communities in Pakistan.

Parindey-Supporting the mental and emotional well-being of communities in Pakistan.

Parindey Training and Consultancy is a youth-led organization focusing on reducing
violent extremism by providing creative therapies in the community.
Parindey focuses on providing stress relief to the community through creative

Team Parindey is huge believers in mental and emotional well-being and they offer regular therapy and counseling, music remedy, play therapy and art therapy.

Their vision is to reach the most number of citizens using creative therapy as a healing tool.

These citizens live in slum areas or exist in minority communities and do not have access to quality therapy and go through stress due to terrorism, unfortunate economic situations or health problems. 

Parindey started this initiative in May 2015 when we lost a close friend along with 47 other
innocent souls in a terrorist attack on a community public bus. Many youths came out to help the community get over the grief of losing their loved ones and started conducting recreational and creative activities to reduce the impact of the incident.

This approach of countering violent extremism give us a hope to reach out more and more stressed out communities and help them heal from the impact of terrorism.


Sonal Dhanani is the founder of Parindey. She is an educator and facilitator who is keen on promoting volunteerism and social action in my community. She has been successfully running a community-based educational camp for the last 3 years in the valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan and interior Sindh with the name "Jugnoo". The camp promotes tolerance for pluralism, diversity, and ethics. It aims to broaden the educational scope of children while inoculating a spirit of volunteerism and community service in them.

Support us:

This year, team Parindey aims to set up creative center in Chitral and Gilgit with the purpose of reducing the suicide rate in the region. We will conduct creative therapies and spread awareness on mental and emotional hygiene.

Support our work by donating:!/

Your small donation can create a huge difference.

Khayaal - Taking care! Improving the mental health in Pakistan through creative therapies

Khayaal (an Urdu word meaning 'care') is a public mental health initiative which works to promote wellness and the prevention of mental illness in Pakistan. We aim to become a platform where anyone with an interest in mental health can converge and come up with innovative interventions to reduce the burden and ease the suffering of those affected by mental health problems in Pakistan.

The foundation of Khayaal is the ‘Wellness Philosophy’, through which we take a resilience-based approach rather than a deficit-based approach towards mental health and well-being.

We are raising funds to build a creative center in Chitral, Northern Pakistan, where we will conduct creative therapies session for the affected communities. Chitral is a less-privileged community with the highest suicide rate in the region. By building the creative center, we aim to provide a platform to the community where they can come express and channel their energies in a positive way.


In Pakistani society, the stigma is so high that ‘nafsiyati’ (the Urdu word for ‘mental illnesses’) is routinely used as an insult. If any member of a family is suspected of having mental health problems, the entire family gets ostracized, particularly in the context of marriage opportunities. This is why families actively try to hide the presence of mental health problems. In some cases, this even involves marrying off those living with mental illness before their illness is revealed, in the misguided hope that marriage will cure them.


Khayaal strives to fulfil its vision of wellness promotion and mental illness prevention through various programs, mainly through creative therapies. We strongly believe that culture and mental health are inextricably interlinked, and therefore even though mental health is a global problem, the solutions should be local. Therefore, one of the key aspects of our work is to develop culturally-sensitive programs which are more effective in the Pakistani context.

This approach of countering violent extremism give us a hope to reach out to more and more traumatized communities and help them in alleviating the impact of terrorism.

How You Can Help Us!

Last year through Launchgood, we raised 30,000 Pkr (300$) which were utilized for therapy sessions for Street to School students. Our most pressing need is for funds. After a successful pilot program, we want to reach out to more communities and children, to make this a year-round sustainable platform for artists and youths who want to volunteer their time to go and conduct creative therapies session in difficult locations of Pakistan.

We are looking for funds to support:

  • Volunteer Management for 6 months (travel, accommodation & food).
  • Resources material for artists & facilitators to engage students.
  • Organizing exhibitions in the community for the purpose of community involvement and recognition.
  • Setting up creative remedies centers in remote areas to provide access to such therapies.

This year team Parindey aims to cater to 2500 citizens from Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan by setting up 1 therapy center and run 15 creative therapies programs (3 months in duration).


Support us and help us in saving the youths of Pakistan!



Account title: Sonal Account number (iban): 6110820610714218893

Bank Name: Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd Swift code: MPBLPKKA

You can also donate through Launchgood:!/




Call: 0333-8787098


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