Poem: Dilmun - Tylos – Bahrain (Two Seas)


As Dilmun from the ages, 

Reveals its special place,

We witness history’s pages,

Unveiled as pearls with grace.


The waters that combined us,

Surrounds our separate source,

In boats that rode to Tylos,

And trades along their course.


This island’s Gulf location,

Bequeaths a choice terrain,

For those in search of harbour’s,

 Who anchor off Bahrain.


The salt that floats between us,

Connects a sweetened thirst,

As yearnings quenched by waters,

Reveals ‘Two Seas’ submersed.


David Hollywood

Bahrain was in old times known as Dilmun, Tylos, Awal and Mishmahig. The islands of Bahrain, set in the middle south of the Persian Gulf, have attracted many traders, visitors and invaders throughout history. The word Bahrain, "Two Seas", means that the islands contain two kinds of water, sweet water springs and salty water in the sea. Bahrain is also famous for its history of peal fishing.


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