Celebrating Inspiring Woman of Today - Fatima Niazi

"Being a female journalist is not easy in a country where patriarchy reigns. A place where you are judged for wearing a lipstick to work, a place where you have to hold up a poker face while interacting with men you interview just so they take you seriously. But it is these challenges that make the job more meaningful - knowing that you are one of the drops of water that will one day form a river of change. Living in a country where there are so many human rights violations also makes one understand why journalism came into being in the first place - to take down the oppressors and bring the truth to the forefront. But most importantly, it gives you a reason to live because you know your struggle will help influence the lives of those around you in some way. It also serves as a reality check of the privilege you and the greatness women can achieve if they put their mind to it. I started working in a news organization when I was just 21 and continue working 10 years later. Now I work for Herald Magazine of Dawn media group. While I was busy writing stories, I saw my friends forced to be married and then domestically abused. Though the chains of patriarchy are strong, the women breaking to get free of them are stronger. More and more young girls are now opting to work in news organizations because they realize the media gives them a voice which the society tries to stifle.” Fatima Niazi, Karachi

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