Puppy rescued out of 220ft well after a 10-day marathon rescue operation

By Stuart Winter for Express

The lucky animal called Kuyu - the name means well in Turkish - had been kept alive with supplies of food and water being lowered into the narrow shaft during a fraught 10-day operation.

Leading Turkish officials were kept abreast of the frantic efforts being made to save the puppy after it fell into the borehole in the Beykoz district of Istanbul and appeared doomed.


A camera was also lowered down to where the dog was stranded so that rescuers could monitor its condition.

Up to 15 rescue workers took shifts to keep the operation progressing and finally a breakthrough came today when students came up with a master plan.

The young engineers at Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School developed a robotic arm that could be lowered to the spot where Kuyu was languishing and managed to clasp and then slowly lift him to the surface.

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