Rejoicing Love over Hate: Diwali Celebrations in Pakistan


The Hindu community in Pakistan celebrated Diwali – the festival of lights with full religious zeal, enthusiasm and traditional fervor on Wednesday.

People illuminated their houses and Shri Krishna temple on the eve of this wonderful festival in Lahore, the capital city of Pakistan’s Punjab province. 

Main celebration ceremony was arranged in Shri Krishna Mandar by Hindu community in collaboration with Evacuee Trust Property Board of Pakistan. In an attempt to promote inter-faith harmony in the country, Hindu families were widely joined by local Muslims, Christians and Sikhs.

According to Hindu devotees Diwali basically represents the triumph of good over evil. Spreads over a period of three to five days, it is one of the important festivals celebrated by Hindu community.

Hindus consider that Diwali is celebrated in honor of god Rama’s and his wife Sita’s return to Ayodhya city in India after 14-years of their exile.

The Hindu Pandits and devotees held prayers in Krishna Mandir for veracity, solidarity and safety of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Lahore police had taken strict security measures to prevent any unwanted incident therefore, a number of security personnel were deployed in and outside of the Mandir.

IMG_3187.jpgShiri Krishna Mandir was beautifully decorated on the eve of Diwali.


IMG_3190.jpgDiwali is celebrated in honor of god Rama’s and his wife Sita’s return to Ayodhya.


IMG_3195.jpgA young Hindu devotee worships the Moorti of lord Krishna


IMG_3198.jpgRinging the bell in a Hindu temple is an essential part of lord’s darshan. 


IMG_3200.jpg Members of Aghosh Orphan Care House wish happy Diwali to Hindus


IMG_3210.jpgThe main celebration event was arranged in Krishna temple Lahore


IMG_3215.jpgDiwali is a festival of lights


IMG_3216.jpgLights and Lamps were illuminated both in and outside of the temple. Diwali represents the triumph of good over evil.


IMG_3221.jpgA Young girl illuminating lamps outside of Krishna temple on the eve of Diwali 


IMG_3232.jpgYoung girls hold lamps to celebrate Diwali. 


IMG_3240.jpgA girl is praying for the prosperity and safety of the country.


IMG_3248.jpgA family celebrates Diwali with Pundit.


IMG_3262.jpgWomen are offering prayers during Diwali festival in Krishna temple


IMG_3272.jpgWomen are greeting each other on this auspicious occasion


IMG_3281.jpgPeople are playing with lights to celebrate Diwali


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