Rubina Bashir - Nursing Superintendent at the biggest public medical facility in the Division

“As a Nursing Superintendent at Allied Hospital Faisalabad, the biggest public medical facility in the division, my job is really hard because I have to manage hundreds of young nurses working in the hospital to take care of patients with different diseases. It is very humbling to be a nurse because every time you treat a patient, you realize you could also be a patient anytime and you will have to depend on somebody. The reality is that we all need each other. I always ask my nurses to treat patients graciously because I believe that patients should be treated like our own family members. In taking care of patients, some nurses, mostly young face trauma. Trauma is real and common problem in nursing because people come here with different kinds of diseases and in different conditions. Traumatic stress of extraordinary events can harm nurses but unfortunately there is no trauma management system for nurses in either public or private hospitals in Pakistan.” Rubina Bashir, Faisalabad

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