Self Reflection Through Art and Music

In Pakistan every third young adult suffers from stress, depression, anxiety or mixture of those and the figure is steadily on the rise.Today, suicide is the second biggest cause of death among 15-29 years old, and accounts for more than 107 of deaths per million population. Majority of the people with depression, anxiety or stress are in a sort of therapeutic purgatory: They are disturbed enough to require intervention but not sick enough by medical standards to need medication.In cases like these, music, theater and arts can be used as tools to recover from the worst of nightmares.


This is the basic concept underpinning Parindey. Parindey Training and Consultancy is a youth-led organization that promotes the use of Art and music therapy as remedies to fight your inner monsters. MWT teamed up with Rotary Club of Multan Cantt and Fazal Rehman Hospital to stage sessions on Self Discovery Through Music and Arts in Bahaudin Zakariya University Multan and Muhammad Nawaz sharif university of Agriculture,Multan official.

The training sessions were divided into two parts: An Art Therapy session, and a Music Therapy session. The part focused on Art Therapy was conducted by Tehmina Maknojia, an artist and an art educator by passion. The Music therapy session, meanwhile, was led by Nafees Khalfan, a musician specializing in using music for civic change and therapy.


These sessions were preceded by a short session of guided meditation, led by Sonal Dhanani.



The Art Therapy session was geared towards self reflection on an individual level. Tehmina Maknojia, the facilitator, handed every participant a piece of paper. Then she asked the participants to make a flower, either on the page or with the page, however they see fit. Fiftenn minutes were allotted to this part of the training. There was a limited supply of drawing materials and paper crafting implements, that the participants were expected to share amongst them. Once the fifteen minutes were up, the participants were asked to have a dialogue with their flower, trying to find common grounds and disjoint lines.

Nafees led the music therapy session, an activity geared towards encouraging teamwork and harmony. The activity involved the participants sitting in a semi circle, with a number of musical instruments distributed among them. The challenge was to play the music instrument in time with the beats of 1-2-3-4. The fascinating part in this was how quickly any discordance in the harmony was recognized, and how it automatically fixed as it went back in lockstep with the rest.

This was the first event of its kind in Multan. Mr. Salman Mubarak, CEO Fazal Rehman Hospital was gracious enough to help in staging these events.The promise to serve the society is ever alive in him. MWT plans to open a women and wellness section in Fazal Rehman Hospital with the support of Mr Salman Mubarak in March 2019 on International Women's day.

Saadia Farooq

The author works as Director Social Media Outreach and Research at Muslim World Today.

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