The misunderstood reality

They have been told,

That the soil they inhabit,

Is developing, progressing

But the reality is,

It is just a wound that is healing,

From centuries of oppression,

Centuries of destruction,

And then being left alone,


To grow what they still could,

Look at them; do you see what I see?

Strength, resilience, in the villages

When the women and men join to turn their sorrows into art,

Dance and song, defying disparity

I see courage, hope

On the city side,

Billboards and lights,

The smell of determination,

Workers up and running by sunrise,

Tired but proud by sunset,

I see beauty in the grasslands,

The world comes for the lions,

They come to see the eagles,

But little do they

Both lions and eagles spark inside

The people themselves – the reality of Africa

Noor Jehan Ahmad


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