The Woman that Faced Her Situations


Being devastated by abortions twice, she spent almost alone whole 9 months in a hospital, earnestly awaiting her first live child.

She beared with the toughest situation of having a mind sick life partner, and stood by him everyday, supporting his career and living, rather than leaving him upon her first realisation or later inconveniences

She successfully managed the tough and trying lifestyle when a woman ever attempts to be a homemaker while continuing her profession at the same time.

 She boldly sticked to her decision to continue working, even with pressures to stop work.

She is the face that every old student recognises as the best teacher they ever had.

She carries with grace the wounds and after-effects of surgeries on her beautiful body and brain.

Though tired of illness and routine, she still gets up on her own and starts each day dutifully to do her part at home.

Even with chronic pains everyday, she cracks wonderful jokes and lights up everyone with witty conversations and attentive listening.

She turns 64, has inspired me with her persona for 32 years.

I am that child whom she waited for. She is my Mother.

Priya Thomas

Author is a winner of MWT's International Women's Day writing competition 2018.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Muslim World Today.

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