This 22 Year Old Girl Redesigned Pakistan’s Currency Notes And The Results Are Beautiful

Rida Mushtaq is a student of Fine Arts from Fatima Jinnah Women’s University.

For her thesis display, she decided to do something exciting, something people don’t usually venture into…

Source: Rida Mushtaq

Rida redesigned Pakistan’s currency notes and brought her artistic flair to the project.

Her motivation for this project was simply how rich and diverse Pakistan’s culture is. And she wanted to highlight that with her project.

And her proud big brother made sure to highlight his sister’s creativity by tweeting about the project.

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And truly, her work is mesmerizing and the attention to detail is brilliant.

Source: Rida Mushtaq
Source: Rida Mushtaq

But of course, there were also some who didn’t like the redesign because they thought it was missing one key element.


But Rida clarified that it was her thesis project which required her artistic vision and this was in no way supposed to reflect what she wants the currency notes to be like for Pakistan. She agreed that without the Quaid’s pictures, the currency notes would feel incomplete.

Source: Rida Mushtaq
Source: Rida Mushtaq

She talked about how she spent a lot of time researching currency notes of other countries so she could make a great design for her thesis project.


Rameeza Ahmad


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