In Touch in Turkey and their first guide dog association


Peter White is in Istanbul for the second of two programmes recorded in Turkey. Maggie Moore is a guide dog owner and has inspired blind and partially-sighted people in Turkey to set up their own guide dog association. Led by lawyer Nurdeniz Toncer, the first association has just been launched.

UK guide dog trainer Alan Brooks has been training Ece Onderoglu in England, to become Turkey's first guide dog mobility instructor, as well as training Nurdeniz with the training of her dog Kara.

Peter talks to them about the training programme and the culture of pet ownership in the country.

They are all optimistic about the association's future and Nurdeniz tells Peter that Maggie has been a great role model for blind people in Turkey.

Richard Moore the Ambassador tells Peter that he is very supportive of Maggie's work and admits to the project providing 'Canine soft power' in helping support diplomatic relations.

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