Upcoming free Disabled Muslim Matrimony Event in Lancashire, England

Effectively our service will help raise awareness, encourage and promote an understanding of disabilities, and support the dignity and well-being of those who live with these unique challenges.



We at Disabled Muslim Matrimony want to create a space where people from all walks of life can come together and feel safe, comfortable, and at ease to meet other like-minded individuals for the purpose of marriage.

We understand that finding a suitable marriage partner can be difficult even in the best of times, even for those who may not have the challenges that disabled individuals face. The mountain of worries and potential difficulties that may arise at single’s meetup events or gatherings, as well as the issues which make attending match-making events difficult (i.e. not having the support and care needs in place) may put many disabled people off from attending them. This ultimately leaves them further isolated, and reduces their chances of finding a partner.

At Disabled Muslim Matrimony, we want all our members to feel welcomed without the fear of judgement from others and hope to create a warm and calm environment for our members where they feel comfortable being themselves – a space where all the support and facilities are already put in place so that they may simply enjoy meeting single Muslims and perhaps meet their perfect marriage partner insha’Allah.

If you decide to attend mainstream events, you’ll need to decide when and who you want to disclose your condition to. The decision is ultimately yours and essentially depends on what you feel most comfortable with. The sad reality is there will be some people who may discount those with disabilities.

The Disabled Muslim Matrimony service will stop you from wasting time with people who are un-accepting and close-minded. Our events allow you to be open and upfront about your condition as people are likely to be far more understanding and accepting, this can make talking about your disability easier as well.

A Disabled Muslim Matrimony member mentioned explained: “It is these kinds of events that I will most probably be most comfortable being me, and open as everyone’s in the same boat”.

At our Disabled Muslim Matrimony events, there will be helpful volunteers to assist with filling registration forms and score sheets, and we also provide longer break periods, BSL translators, and allow carers and family members to attend in case further support is required.

We hope to introduce a more relaxed approach when it comes to single’s meetup events to cater for those on the autistic spectrum or those with anxiety – meaning we aim to hold small events so that they are less-crowded and more intimate and will avoid the use of fluorescent lighting and maintain noise reduction. With regards to the venues, we will ensure that there is parking on site as well as accessibility within the venue.



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