Wadjda, a Girl Who Inspired Me

Two days ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook event that was named “Wadjda Screening.” As a film enthusiast, I was extremely tempted to check the event and RSVP as going, and I must say the experience was thrilling! Wadjda is the kind of movie that you watch and can never forget. Wadjda, a film written and directed by the Saudi Arabian director Haifaa Al-Mansour, introducing a bittersweet story of a 10 year-old-girl in a battle against the society, trying to ride a bike in the streets of Saudi Arabia. Ehm, I don’t want to spoil the movie for you though. However, the thing I loved the most about the movie Wadjda, is that it's the country’s first feature film to be directed by a woman (who is at the same time the first female director in Saudi Arabia), and also that it was all filmed in Saudi Arabia! Proud moment, right? Haifaa Al Mansour and your crew, thank you for such a rebellious movie, you truly inspired me!

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