Where To Experience Luxury In Africa & The Middle East

From safaris to waterfalls, rainforests and arid desserts, Africa and the Middle East welcome every type of traveller. Though one particular group of travellers that are flocking to Africa and the Middle East are those who like to live a life of luxe.

As luxury travel as a trend continues to pick up the pace, Africa and the Middle East might be the only places able to keep up with the demand. While there are a plethora of lodges, camps, hotels and everything in between to be visited in Africa and the Middle East, Travel Weekly has done some digging to find the best.

These are the kind of places you’ll take a million photos of and still never quite capture the true beauty, though that won’t stop you from bragging to your loved ones about your stay for years after.

So strap in, things are about to get luxurious. These are Travel Weekly‘s most luxurious African and the Middle Eastern accommodation.

Savute Safari Lodge

Perched above the Savuti Channel, the Savute Safari Lodge accommodates just twenty-four guests in thatched individual chalets. The chalets are decked out in leather and house giant private decks and living areas. Find yourself waking up to the sounds of elephant splashing in the water and lions roaring, and watch the sunset over African plains.

But don’t let us tell you, look for yourself and book your stay here.

Amman Sun City Camp

Situated in the red-rock desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan, Amman Sun City Camp is like no other accommodation on our list. Amman Sun City Camp is made up of “Martian” globe-shaped tents with panoramic views of the otherworldly landscape and well as Bedouin tents, royal tents and family suites. The area is heavily spiritual and guests are encouraged to go exploring or simply sitting still and taking it all in.

Book this remarkable accommodation here.

Camp Okavango

Located in Botswana and situated on the remote Nxaragha Island at the heart of the permanent Okavango Delta, Camp Okavango has year-round safari opportunities. The Camp itself is made up of...


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