Words for the Wise: Poetry and politics in Medieval Islamic Iran

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Two talks by leading scholars in the study of the visual culture, politics and religion of Iran chaired by Amanullah De Sondy, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Islam, Study of Religions, UCC.

The Timurid prince Baysunghur (1397-1433) is celebrated as an enlightened bibliophile and art patron, a reputation memorialised in Islamic art historiography. Moya Carey, Curator of Islamic Collections at the Chester Beatty Library, will examine these various texts as works of princely instruction, guiding Baysunghur in the values of political intelligence and good government. 

Keikavus, the Ziyarid ruler of parts of Tabaristan wrote the Qabus Nameh and dedicated it to his son Gilanshah (1080). Lloyd Ridgeon, Reader in Islamic Studies at Glasgow University, will examine its political and worldly wisdom and how alternative models of behaviour were employed along traditional understandings of Islam to make wider the parameters of acceptable conduct in society.




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